About ASAP Translation

About ASAP Translation

ASAP Translation is a Hong Kong based content producing and translation company that offers a wide range of services to its clientele. Founded in 2004, ASAP Translation has been delivering exceptional services to a wide clientele in Hong Kong and the world for over 20 years. The company translates over 3 million words annually and has developed a robust reputation for handling projects of all sizes and categories.

Accuracy, Speedy, Affordable and Professional Translation

ASAP Translation is a global powerhouse in translation and content management services, and of course, one of the leading providers in Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2004, our translation company has been providing industry-leading services to a rapidly growing international base. With a suite of services that are tailored to suit corporate and social purposes, ASAP translation agency has been enhancing the way companies and people present their brands to the world. We provide multilingual certified translation, proofreading services, interpretation services, transcription services, copy-writing, trans-creation.

24 x 7 Services

Our name aptly reflects the priority we place on timely delivery. We are available 24 x7 and our team is both speedy and meticulous.

5,000 Specialists

Our team of experts comprises over 5000 specialists with native level expertise in over 150 languages. This has afforded us the capacity to translate between 150 pairs of languages.

Certified and Professional

ASAP Translation is a member of ATA and GALA and takes pride in its track record of meeting and exceeding the professional standards set by these organizations.


ASAP Translation is committed to delivering the highest quality services possible to all our clients. To this end, we have a declared policy of always having solid linguistic expertise and production capacity in all of our main target languages.

Our vision is to develop and maintain a solid reputation as a world-class global partner renowned for providing quality multilingual certified translation Hong Kong solutions to local and international clients.

Certified Translation

Professional Translation

With a team of over 5000 professionals and a comprehensive suite of industry-leading software and hardware tools ASAP Translation is prepared to convert all types of content (written and spoken) into multiple languages. We have extensive professional expertise in African, European, Middle Eastern and Asian languages among others.

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Translation is the conversion of content from one language to another. Premium and professionally-done translation delivers a native standard copy without compromising the message of the original version.

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In this highly globalized world, people often move away from their native lands to live or conduct business. If youre one of these people and you need to use your birth certificate to carry out official transactions in a country that speaks a foreign language, youll need to have it translated first.

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Whether you find yourself migrating for school or work, you might need proof of the academic achievements you attained in your home country.

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In this increasingly globalized environment, people move more easily between countries to work, do business explore, and socialize. If your plans include this type of movement there are some things you need to bear in mind; chief among them is the need for a criminal record.

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We translate documents including: business agreements, corporate policy, contracts, patents depositions, terms and conditions, online questionnaires, instruction manuals, technical specification, investigation reports, etc.

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Legal translation is the translation of information for use in the legal setting. This includes documents that are used for official purposes and documents that are used in the business setting. Contact ASAP Translation (Hong Kong) Ltd.

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Marketing translation is the creation of foreign language versions of marketing content that is equivalent to what is written in the original language. It is the modern method of ensuring that marketing content crosses cultural and language barriers and reaches target audiences around the world.

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Transcreation is a service youll find among the suite of offerings available to ASAP Translation. It is essentially translation that focuses on maintaining the concept that influenced the original content rather than the equivalent words or phrases.

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Multimedia translation is the conversion of multimedia content from one language to another. Multimedia content is content that is delivered through a combination of audio and visual modes.

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Translation Services

Translation Language

ASAP offers over 100 languages translation and interpreting services.

Asian languages translation

Asian Languages

india language translation

Indian Languages

middle east languages translation

Middle East Languages

European Languages translation

European Languages

African languages translation

African Languages

global languages translation

Other Languages

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