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translation, proofreading, interpretation, transcription, copy-writing, trans-creation services

Founded in 2005, ASAP Translation is a leading provider of translation, proofreading, interpretation, transcription, copy-writing,  trans-creation services in Hong Kong.

Our company works with thousands of qualified and experienced native speaking translators and is therefore able to carry out translations in a very wide variety of languages.

As a result of impressive sales growth over the years the office was filled with talented and enthusiastic staff, but to achieve steady international growth and provide a truly 24/7 service it was clear that the business needed to expand overseas.

Accuracy, Speedy, Affordable and Professional Translation
ASAP Translation is a global powerhouse in translation and content management services, and of course, one of the leading providers in Hong Kong. Since its inception in 2004, our translation company has been providing industry-leading services to a rapidly growing international base. With a suite of services that are tailored to suit corporate and social purposes, ASAP translation agency has been enhancing the way companies and people present their brands to the world. We provide multilingual certified translation, proofreading, interpretation, transcription, copy-writing, trans-creation.

Expert team of 5000 translators and content creators
Our highly efficient experts have helped to provide over 16 years of invaluable services to our corporate and retail clients resulting in our position at the top of the industry. Our translation staff possess the highest levels of qualification and experience in converting written and spoken content from one language to another. This exceptional team of certified translators provide top-notch, native standard professional translation for content of all types. Thanks to our very capable staff’s experience and talents which span varying niches, we cater to all industries. For our commercial customers, we translate company policies, eCommerce platform content, corporate blogs, contracts, terms and conditions among other documents. Our domestic market services include personal letters, personal blogs, and social media content among others. In other words, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do; if you need a professional translator, ASAP Translation is your go-to company.

We can proudly and confidently boast of translation rates exceeding 3 million words annually and the capacity to convert between more than 150 language combinations. This world-class translation company is a member of the ATA and GALA. All its operations are in keeping with the codes of conduct established by these bodies.

The response rate you’ll experience at ASAP Translation is simply exceptional. Not only is our team of certified translators are available 24x7 to offer speedy turnaround at very competitive rates, but we also ensure that each client’s needs are met and exceeded by high-quality output. In a nutshell, our team delivers speed and accuracy without straining your budget.

Certified translation backed by cutting edge technology
ASAP Translation prioritizes the acquisition and use of the latest innovations in the industry, which means that we remain relevant and effective by evolving with the industry itself. Our translators use current technologies such as SDL, Trados, Memoq, Memsource, TWS and Smartling to produce the excellent certified translation and content that has become synonymous with our name. We resolve to ensure that we remain equipped with the latest tools in the field so that our company remains relevant. We will never be left behind in this evolving technological age and neither will you.

Our mission and vision
Our ultimate mission is to offer all our clients maximum global brand exposure through our comprehensive translation and content creation. Our end-to-end scalable enterprise solutions are strategically designed to facilitate this. We aim to ensure that language barriers don’t impact your communication with your audience and your message to them remains crystal clear.

Our vision is to develop and maintain a solid reputation as a world-class global partner renowned for providing quality multilingual certified translation Hong Kong solutions to local and international clients.

Our project manager takes a special interest in all projects regardless of size. Customers with small projects can be assured of the same level of attention as customers with big projects. We offer nothing less than excellence on all projects.

In addition to providing excellent and professional translation, ASAP Translation strives to maintain high levels of confidentiality. Your privacy and rights to your intellectual property are high priorities for ASAP translation and, as a result, we have a modernized and strategic system of protocols and checks and balances designed to ensure that client information remains private. One such measure is the NDA which is signed by each translator as part of the recruitment process.

Our Hong Kong translation agency’s competitive edge
It is quite rare to find a translation house that merges the unique features and advantages that we have managed to bring together. This is one of the reasons ASAP Translation has become the translation agency of choice for numerous local and international customers.

If you are searching for the best translation company Hong Kong has to offer, look no further than ASAP Translation. We are sure to meet and exceed your expectations and we are more than confident that one experience with us will lead you to conclude that this translation company is poised to continue dominating the global and Hong Kong translation market for decades to come.

About us About us

Vision & Values

Vision & Values
We have a declared policy of always having solid linguistic expertise and production capacity in all of our main target languages.

We will always have academically strong staff, and we want to be known for our genuine focus on achieving translation quality through high-level translator education and training, intelligent and optimised use of appropriate technology, comprehensive and mature workflows and innovative processes

We aim to provide our clients with the best possible service while striving to continually improve in this respect.

We intend to conduct ourselves with personal and professional integrity and respect for our peers at all times.

We will ensure that our senior staff have a solid understanding of the commercial realities of our industry, and we will run the company on the basis of sound commercial principles and in a financially prudent manner, aiming for sustainable and responsible growth along the way.

We will actively engage with academic institutions and commercial associations with a view to furthering the standing of the translation industry and strengthening its future.



ASAP Translation is proud to present a number of translation services, from our highly qualified team of over 5000 professional linguists translating in their mother-tongues.


We offer affordable transcription services that will meet your deadline without breaking your budget!


Verbatim coding is the assignment of numeric codes to various words, phrases, ideas, sounds, or pictures so that information and meaning can be extracted and analyzed quantitatively. Open-ended responses in surveys, CRM systems, social media, IVR systems, customer records, and customer-feedback systems all represent opportunities to apply verbatim coding to analyze and quantify what people are thinking and saying. The valuable information received as a result of coding can then be used by companies to help make the best business decisions possible.


Transcreation (translation + creation) is the act of changing a text to make its meaning culturally appropriate for a target market.


Copywriting is the art and science of writing copy (words used on web pages, ads, promotional materials, etc.) that sells your product or service and convinces prospective customers to take action. In many ways, it’s like hiring one salesman to reach all of your customers. A sales team contacts customers one at a time; a copywriter reaches all of them at once through billboards, magazine ads, sales letters, blog posts, and more.


If you need a professional interpreter then contact us. Whatever the language, no matter where you are, our professional interpreters can help you. Conference interpreter, court interpreter, personal interpreter etc...


Voiceover (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice—that is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic)—is used in a radio, television production, filmmaking, theatre, or other presentations. The voiceover is read from a script and may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice talent.


Subtitling is an extremely effective and indispensable part of most video and audio production nowadays, in particular with videos’ ability of global reach. We offer subtitling services for any type of videos, corporate presentations, promotional videos, short films, and documentaries.


We employ highly qualified DTP specialists and graphic designers, providing them with the latest software and applications necessary to prepare project, of any size and complexity in any language.


Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to local language and culture in the target market. It is the process of adapting a website into a different linguistic and cultural context— involving much more than the simple translation of text. This modification process must reflect specific language and cultural preferences in the content, images and overall design and requirements of the site – all while maintaining the integrity of the website. Culturally adapted web sites reduce the amount of required cognitive efforts from visitors of the site to process information, making navigation easier and attitudes toward the web site more favorable.


Asian Languages :

Asian Languages :

Chinese (Traditional (Hong Kong / Taiwan & Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Burmese, Lao and more;

European Languages :

European Languages :

French, German, Italian, Spanish (European, Latin American, Mexican), Russian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovak, Romanian, Slovenian and more;

Middle East Languages :

Middle East Languages :

Standard Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish, Farsi, Hindi, Urdu, Hebrew and more;

African Languages :

African Languages :

Afrikaans, Igbo, Amharic, Yoruba, Swahili, Somali, Xhosa, Zulu and more

and many other languages in the world.

and many other languages in the world.