Whether you find yourself migrating for school or work, you might need proof of the academic achievements you attained in your home country. If the new country has an official language that is different from the one used in your home country, chances are you will also need to get your academic records translated. This translated version will be processed by your new educational institution or place of work as they evaluate your suitability for their organizations.  When needs like this arise, ASAP Translation rises to the challenge.

We’ll ensure that your academic transcripts are translated flawlessly so you never have to worry about information being missing or different from the original. If you need multilingual translation of your academic records, we’ve got you covered. Our team’s expertise covers over 100 languages which allows us to offer translation services in 150 language combinations.

Don’t let language differences stand in the way of your dreams.

Talk to us and find out how we can translate your academic transcripts so you can access international work and study opportunities.

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