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ASAP Translation’s certified translation services are, without a doubt, a cut above the rest. Who needs these types of services? you may ask. Well, people whose translations are being used for certain official purposes often need to ensure that it is certified. In fact, many entities will only accept legal translations that are certified.

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Who needs certified translation services?

If the organization you are submitting the translated document to is an educational institution, government entity, or a court then you are probably going to need to ensure that it is certified before submission in order to avoid rejection. Some examples of documents that usually need its translation to be certified include; academic transcripts, birth certificates, no criminal records certificate, marriage certificates, divorce certificates and driving licenses. The need for certified translation services is even more likely if you are submitting to a country with an official language that is different from yours. If your document is coming from a non-English or Chinese speaking country and must be submitted in Hong Kong, a translation that is certified will be required. Additionally, you’ll need official translation services provided by a certified professional if you’re applying for banking services.

ASAP Translation offers company certification, a service that adds value to the translation you receive. Company Certification is a printed certificate of accuracy on the company letterhead that is signed by our company representative and stamped with our company’s mark of approval. This certificate is attached to the printout of the translation. With this certificate, your translated document acquires a higher level of authentication regardless of where you plan to submit it.

certified translation services
certified legal translation services

Sworn Declaration

(1) This type of translate document service is done by our native certified professional. The translator will sign it, provide the certification, and stamp the accredited seal on the translation. This is essentially confirmation and proof that the document was translated by a registered, licensed and professional translator and therefore can be trusted by local and international organizations.

(2) Some certified types of translations will require more than a sworn declaration. In these cases an oath in the HAD (Home Affairs Department) is applicable. This oath is carried out through the Public Enquiry Service of the Hong Kong HAD.

To get this done for our clients, as part of our translation services, our company representative visits the HAD office, presents the translation, and declares under oath that it is true and accurate.

Helping Hong Kong and global clients translate documents

If the translation you need certified is destined for a country outside of Hong Kong, we will definitely be able to help. Our expert translation services Hong Kong team is familiar with the varying requirements for different countries.

They know, for example, that some states will only accept translated documents that are certified and provided by a sworn translator who must also be registered to the Department of Foreign Affairs or local courts. ASAP translation has you covered in these and other areas. If you would like to learn more about how we can meet your translation needs, Just talk to us.

No matter you are looking for Chinese to English translation services or English to Chinese translation services, for reliable translation services, Hong Kong residents and clients from around the world can always rely on ASAP Translation. Ready for high quality certified translation services? Get in touch with us today!

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