Translation is the conversion of content from one language to another. Premium and professionally-done translation delivers a native standard copy without compromising the message of the original version. To achieve this, professionals need the right combination of training, experience, and resources. At ASAP Translation were pleased to announce that weve found the winning combination. It is this combination that has allowed ASAP Translation to develop a powerful reputation for the provision of high-quality services since its inception in 2004.

With ASAP Translation on your team, you have access to a range of offerings including:

  • Subtitling,
  • Voice-over,
  • Legal translation,
  • Multimedia translation,
  • Certified translation
  • Document translation
  • Marketing translation / Transcreation
  • Medical translation
  • Website translation
  • Transcription services

Our 9-step Quality Assurance Process

Quality output is high on our priority list. Each project passes through a team of experts comprising a translator, proofreader, reviewer, editor and localizer. Additionally, all our projects are guided by a process that was strategically designed to guarantee optimum quality in every single copy.

The process includes a 9-step journey for each project that begins as soon as the project is submitted to us. To give you a clearer idea of how this process works we have outlined the steps below:

  1. Brief & quote:During this phase, the company representative and the client engage in consultation to share the clients vision for the project and ensure that the clients needs in particular are clearly understood. An assessment of the type and volume of work required is done and a quote is generated.
  2. Approval and Registration:Upon getting approval from the client to continue with the project, the company representative
  3. Assign PM and Specialist:The task is matched with the perfect project manager and specialist, and are assigned accordingly.
  4. First Draft:The specialist produces the first draft and proofreads it before submitting it for review
  5. First Review: The first draft is checked by a reviewer who looks for linguistic errors such as diction and terminology flaws. During this step, the reviewer matches the draft with the clients instructions from the briefing to ensure that they are in sync.
  6. The Second Draft:The draft is returned to the specialist for correction. The specialist, guided by the reviewers feedback adjusts the copy and submits the second draft for review.
  7. Second Review: The second draft is reviewed again. The reviewer edits and finalises the translation.
  8. Delivery:The final draft is delivered to the client by the project manager who also collects feedback as part of our ongoing customer service and quality monitoring strategy.
  9. Post Delivery Customer Service:After-work follow up

The result of this process is a final product that meets or exceeds your expectation and serves the purpose for which it is intended.

ASAP Translation is committed to:

  • On-time delivery: We are well aware that time is money and extend every effort to ensure that clients never have to wait beyond agreed deadlines.

  • High capacity: The sheer size of our team coupled with their capacity for impressive output volume makes ASAP Translation perfect for high volume projects. And this also means that we can handle great volumes of content efficiently without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Quality assurance: Our specialists are top-notch! But to seal the deal, our strategically designed system ensures high-quality output every time.

When it comes to meeting local and international needs, ASAP Translation has all you could seek and more.

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