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ASAP Interpretation services offering simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, phone or video interpretation. Interpretation is the oral translation of speech. A person who interprets speech is called an interpreter and their role is to convert the spoken source of language into the target language. There are 3 different modes of interpretation that are recognised and used worldwide: simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and whispering interpretation. Here at ASAP Translation we offer expert interpreter services in all of these types of interpretation.

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Simultaneous interpretation

As part of our interpreter services we offer simultaneous interpretation which is the most efficient form of interpreting. With this type of interpreting there is no delay: the interpreting occurs at the same time whilst the primary speaker is talking. Simultaneous interpretation is the most efficient form of communication as it is communication in its entirety resulting in more accurate translation. It is the most accurate to real speech and does not rely on the interpreter translating and storing in the short-term memory. Being more in real time can save time and help the flow of conversation. Often simultaneous interpretation uses earpieces and microphones, the interpreter can often be found working from a soundproof booth. Simultaneous interpretation can be very fatiguing with the optimal interpretation being 100-110 words per minute for the interpreter and often you will see an interpreter switch out with another professional every 30 minutes.

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Consecutive interpretation

Our interpretation services offer consecutive interpretation which in contrast to simultaneous interpretation is carried out with a slight delay. Consecutive interpretation is the most common style of interpreting especially in a diplomatic situation. As the speaker talks there is a pause in interpreting whilst the speaker finishes their current part of talking or a couple of sentences: the interpreting is not carried out at the same time in real time. The interpreter waits until the speaker pauses; if a speaker does not pause for a long time and continues speaking the interpretation is rarely translated word for word. In these circumstances with long uninterrupted speech, the interpreter is highly skilled to remember specific ideas. If the speaker continues speaking for a long time without pauses, the interpreter will rely on note taking to interpret the ideas. Interpreters use symbols in a form of shorthand to write down the ideas in a note taking form and often each interpreter can have their own style and use their own symbols. These notes are written and translated into different languages.

Whispering interpretation

Our interpreter services offer whispering interpretation which occurs with the interpreter either sitting or standing close by amongst the communicators and the speech is interpreted simultaneously by whisper. Whispering interpretation is commonly used in meetings in which the members of a meeting whether personal or business related do not share the same common language. Whispering interpretation is efficient and can save time and is used instead of consecutive interpretation. The interpreter interprets a single person in close proximity to a third party. Private bilateral meetings or with a limited number of people in the room usually use whispering interpretation where the interpreters position themselves on the side lines for discretion.

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