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Legal translation is the translation of information for use in the legal setting. This service includes documents that are used for official purposes and documents that are used in the business setting.

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Who is likely to need legal translation services?

People or organizations who need to submit their documents to a government body, educational institution, or the court systems. If you fall into any of these categories ASAP Translation is ready to assist you.

Migrants who move to and from Hong Kong will often find themselves needing legal translation services. Foreigners who decide to settle in Hong Kong will need to have their documents translated into English or Chinese. These documents include birth and marriage certificates and divorce certificates and will be needed by the new Hong Kong resident in order to conduct several types of businesses in the country.

If you are leaving Hong Kong for a country whose official language is neither Chinese nor English you will also need to get a legally translated version of your documents. Getting in touch with ASAP Translation to get your documents that are considered legal translated before you make your big move is a great idea. Getting it done before you travel will mean that you have one less thing to take care of while you are settling in.

Organizations, especially multinational ones or those with an international clientele, often need to have contracts and terms and agreements translated into multiple languages. This is very important as for legal purposes the last thing an organization wants is to be accused of limiting access to information by failing to have translated copies available.

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Our excellent legal translators

The creation of excellent quality legal translation requires a high level of expertise on the part of the translator. Because documents used in legal situations play an integral role in how people and organizations are able to proceed with their lives, their translation must reflect a high degree of accuracy. In fact, there is no room for error. It is important that the legal issues reflected in the original document remain exactly the same when the document is translated.  In other words, the translation must remain true to the letter and the spirit of the original document. Poorly done translations can (and have in the past) cost organizations millions of dollars in legal fees and settlement obligations.

With the ideal combination of expertise in translation and law (both local and international), our professional legal translators are well equipped for this task. They are able to handle and terms whose nature is legal, translate accurately, and avoid the misinterpretations that often plague novice translations. In so doing they are able to spare you the hassle and expense that comes with this aspect of international business.

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ASAP Translation’s process is so meticulous and thorough that all translations produced by us have traditionally been deemed exceptional by receiving entities. With our expert team on the job, your translation is guaranteed to meet and exceed any standards in any country.

Let us help you cross one hurdle by taking care of your legal translation needs.

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