Marketing translation is the creation of foreign language versions of marketing content that is equivalent to what is written in the original language. It is the modern method of ensuring that marketing content crosses cultural and language barriers and reaches target audiences around the world. And it is very important in today’s fast-paced globalized commercial and social space.

Marketing content, by nature, is designed to introduce a brand’s products and services to the prospective clients. This type of content includes; Creative writing, for articles, brochures, flyers, banners, press releases, print ads, catalogues, web content, or other marketing materials.

The main purpose of marketing content is to attract customers. Effective marketing content attracts customers to a brand. What better way to augment this purpose than to create versions in different languages? This type of translation allows the organization/brand’s message to penetrate markets that would otherwise be untapped.

It goes without saying that if your content isn’t available to speakers of other languages, you are missing out on a big chunk of the global market and of course this means you are also missing out on potential profits.

Marketing Translation Services

Resonate with your target audience better

Marketing texts can’t just be translated verbatim. The translated version must be written with a specific target audience in mind. The reader in another country may just not listen unless the text is adapted to deliver the same message in a creative and persuasive way in the native tongue. Transcreation is the solution, and at ASAP Translation we have the experience to make your voice heard.

To get the job done proficiently, you want a team with expertise in not just translation but also the intricacies of the marketing world. You want a team like the one at ASAP Translate. Our translators are native level users of the languages they specialize in and as such our clients can always expect accurate the translations from us. They are also very familiar with traditional and modern trends in marketing content.

Our translation capacity currently spans over 100 languages (with the world’s major language categories African, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern being represented) and our repertoire keeps growing! Whether your original marketing content is written in English, Chinese or another language ASAP Translation will be able to create market-ready versions in a number of languages.


Don’t have your marketing content yet?

Don’t worry! ASAP Translation’s team can craft excellent marketing content for you and then translate it into as many languages as you’d like.

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