Multimedia translation is the conversion of multimedia content from one language to another. Multimedia content is content that is delivered through a combination of audio and visual modes. These types of content typically include a combination of text, images, animation, videos, and audio pieces among others.

Producing multimedia content is the modern solution to the growing need to reach global audiences. But that content won’t have the impact it was designed to have if it isn’t translated into the native tongues of your target audiences. This is where multilingual multimedia translation becomes important. Through multimedia translation, the written and spoken text in content can be presented to people who don’t speak the language used in the original version.

Can be executed in an array of methods

This translation can be done through several methods including but not limited to; subtitling, voiceovers, interpreting, dubbing, narrating, and translating simultaneously. The translation method that works best is determined by the nature of the multimedia content being translated as well as the client’s goals.

Multimedia translation is crucial in pretty much all industries although it is most frequently used in the entertainment, education, and advertising niches. In the entertainment industry, the most popular use of this service is for the translation of scripts and songs and the creation of subtitles and voiceover translations that help speakers of other languages to enjoy the music and films. Educators who create content in various forms often need to get these translated so that learners who speak other languages can have access.

Multimedia Translation

Your multimedia content is in excellent hands

At ASAP Translation, our team is comprised of top tier experts with tertiary level training and native competence in the languages they translate. This is where you’ll find the perfect team to customize your multimedia content to appeal to various target markets.

This high level of competence and expertise is complemented by our meticulous 9-step process that guides each project from inception to completion. The process begins as soon as your project into our hands. Our project manager engages the client to ensure that the instructions for translation are clear and that our team is fully apprised of the client’s anticipated end result. Then the content is prepared for the assignment, which entails pairing the project with the translator who is the perfect fit. Once the translation is complete it is vetted and revised to perfection before moving back to the project manager for the final stages of the process.

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