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Got audio-visual or audio content that needs to be recorded in writing? Are you struggling to transcribe your own files? ASAP Translation provides reliable and professional transcription services in over 65 languages at affordable rates.

Transcription is the process of converting speech into text format by typing audio into a document in formats including Word of a PDF file. This process is carried out by a transcriber. Transcribing audio files to text allows for the creation of a written document that can be quickly searched for and accessed whether it is on the internet or internally within your business. We transcribe for a variety of different settings including legal hearing, academic research, interviews and discussions.

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There are 3 types of transcription services: medical transcription, legal transcription and general transcription. There are 2 different formats of completing transcriptions either manual transcription or automated transcription. Software is not perfect; the benefits of using services like at ASAP Translation is that we can reduce the amount of errors within the transcribing process and produce content that your work deserves.

Our professional team of native transcribers

Our team are both highly experienced and well-educated native transcribers. Our experts carry out our transcription services by listening to your audio file, interpreting and or translating what has been said and typing onto a written document. The transcription of the audio file is a systematic representation of the language spoken in a written form. As we have experts in language translation, we are able to form clear interpretations of your audio files and limit errors that can occur from using automated software. Our professional transcriptionists type the diction onto the text documents with high levels of accuracy and confidentiality.

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Harness the benefits of our transcription services

Our transcription services are growing rapidly with the increased demand for transcribed audio files with the popularity of entrepreneurs and business owners converting videos and podcasts to written format. The high demand for transcription comes from many different sources including legal professionals, doctors, radio, news channels, lectures, podcasts and YouTube videos. The benefits of written formats are to reuse or repurpose your existing content. In terms of videos and podcasts, transcriptions are often carried out to simplify the process of creating and sharing blog content for websites. In addition, transcription is effective for businesses as it boosts search engine optimisation (SEO) meaning your audio and or videos can be discovered more easily online. Another major benefit for transcriptions is that text files require less space for storage than audio and video files.

Using an expert and trusted human to transcribe your audio files to text documents ensures that there are high levels of accuracy in the correct spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. These levels of accuracy are what make an excellent transcription. Our team of experts have extensive transcribing skills including listening, grammar, formatting, language proficiency and typing.

Have an audio file that needs converting into a text?

As experts in transcribing, we are able to attentively decipher what has been said on the audio files and send your completed transcribed work back to you with a quick turnaround.

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