Do you struggle with spelling? Are you unsure of your grammar and punctuation? Are you running out of time to check your own work for errors?

You may be surprised that proofreading is needed in things we do every day. In the workplace and in education proofreading is needed for a large number of written and audible text forms: books, essays, CVs, cover letters, job applications, reports, flyers, posters, presentations, podcasts, video and much more. Having a professional to proofread your documents can make the difference between a piece of writing successfully communicating to the reader and one that does not. Many different sectors can benefit from our expert proofreading services: businesses, charities, authors, publishers, job applicants and academics.

Add an element of professionalism

Proof is a draft, not the final version of your work. Proofreading is the process of finding errors, marking and then correcting them for revision for a further or final draft. This process should always be completed before a document is published or shared. By having a professional proofread your work it adds an element of professionalism and aims to remove human error in writing. Our expert proofreading services look for both grammatical and logical errors: spelling, punctuation, grammar and format. We read and correct the translation of text against the original source to help you to review and correct your document.

Whether you are writing for personal, professional or business use, if you submit a piece of work that has not been proofread and is full of errors it can really damage your reputation. Your professional services are reflected through how you communicate to your customers or readers. Hiring a freelance proofreader can really help to improve your credibility and trustworthiness for your work. By having your work looked at by our recommended proofreading services by an expert you can really help the reading experience of your clients, colleagues and potential partners.

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Experienced and efficient proofreaders

Proofreading creates clear and succinct content that is easier to read and more informative for the readers, whilst checking on your professional terminology. Our professional proofreaders are both experienced and efficient: they take less time to proofread a document than it would take you to do yourself. Not only do you get a second pair of eyes to check your work, but you get more time to work on other tasks whilst our proofreaders are working behind the scenes to remove the errors from your work.

Have a document, presentation or project we can help?

Our professional proofreading services check over your written text for the finer details after the editing stage of your work, before you complete your final draft. By polishing your final draft, we aim to highlight spelling mistakes, typography errors, proper grammar, correct punctuation and the accurate use of language and format. If you want to improve the credibility of your written work and increase the chances of your success, get in touch with us today to speak with a senior proofreader – our goal is to help you look more professional.

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