ASAP Interpretation services offering simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, phone or video interpretation. Interpretation is the oral translation of speech.


Got audio-visual or audio content that needs to be recorded in writing? Let ASAP translation transcribe your meetings, speeches, and videos. We can even convert your video content into professional screenplay scripts!


Proofreading is the meticulous analysis of text content aimed at identifying errors and suggesting improvement solutions. Our language experts are consummate professionals who can identify and correct grammatical and language use errors that throw off the flow of your texts.


Transcreation (translation + creation) is the act of changing a text to make its meaning culturally appropriate for a target market.


Copywriting is the creation of written content that is designed to promote a brand. This type of writing is prevalent in eCommerce and has been made even more relevant due to the digitization of marketing. Effective copywriting will attract and engage your target audience and help your business generate sales or make your brand more popular.


Subtitling is translation that allows viewers of videos to understand the language being used by the characters. The translated version of what is being said is inserted into the video strategically so that it appears on screen while the foreign language version is being spoken. It is a great tool for giving foreign language speakers access to the information presented in advertisements etc.


Voice-over services involve the use of a professional speaker to narrate while a video is in progress. This service is ideal for explainer videos and lecture presentations as well as entertainment videos. Translated voiceovers (also known as voice-over translations) replace foreign languages with the language of native speakers so that viewers can enjoy the content in their own native tongues.


We employ highly qualified DTP specialists and graphic designers, providing them with the latest software and applications necessary to prepare project, of any size and complexity in any language.


DTP is a convenient translation and content production service that provides clients with multiple linguistic versions of expertly designed documents that they can then print or publish from their own PCs. These products include texts and graphics and can be converted into hard copies or used for digital promotions. Some examples of the content that falls in this category are book covers, flyers, and brochures.


Website and software localization is the editing of website or software appearance to suit target audiences in different countries. This editing includes language translation as well as adjustments to graphics and layout. The ultimate goal of this service is to make the content appropriate for and appealing to different target audiences.


Verbatim coding is the strategic pairing of digital identifiers (numeric values) with targeted content elements (text, audio, or images) with a view to making extraction, collation and analysis of information easier. Professional verbatim coding also allows for ease of access to data.