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Subtitles are text that transcribes the dialogue form. With the rise in internet videos there is a high demand for our subtitling services. Subtitles allow for the readers to read and understand what is being said. Translations of subtitles need to be concise and accurate and therefore using a translation company to carry out subtitling work really enhances the user experience.

ASAP subtitling services involve the process of transcribing and translating audio texts from a video into either interlinguistic subtitles (e.g. English to English) or interlinguistic subtitles (e.g. Spanish to English). Being specialists in translation, our services enable video content to be internationally accessible. We help to break down language barriers and improve cultural awareness. The most effective subtitles will be synchronised with the audio-visual content to make the reading as natural and fluent as possible for the audience whilst removing any language barriers.

Adaptable across different formats

Subtitling is used across multiple media formats including film, TV programs and internet videos. In addition, the subtitling can be saved into multiple formats depending on where the subtitled video will be shared including the internet or internally within your business. Subtitling involves adding text to audio-visual media to express the messages being shown by the speaker. It is a great tool for studying or conversing in different foreign languages and for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Translating into foreign languages using subtitles can be a benefit because you can still hear the original voice of the speakers. The use of a multilingual subtitle can be a more cost-effective alternative to voice recordings or voice overs that require a professional actor resulting in you being able to be more flexible with your project budgets.

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Subtitling involves the adoption of video dialogue to written speech or presentation and includes the rhythm of speech and register. It improves comprehension and builds up vocabulary. Subtitles are condensed and summarised versions of what is being spoken and are often limited to 2 lines of text that are generally positioned at the bottom of the screen. Each line must be 35 characters or less and a maximum duration of 6 seconds on screen for effective reading whilst watching the video content of the speaker.

Subtitles additionally help videos appeal to wider audiences and aim to increase engagement across all popular internet platforms including websites, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Subtitles to social media videos are currently in high demand as it allows videos to be auto played and reduces any forms of distraction when in the company of others. Subtitling services are not just for the translation of languages, they can be used for the deaf or hard of hearing, to listen to when the reader is in an environment with loud background noise or for note taking on education videos. In addition, subtitling is effective for businesses as it boosts search engine optimisation (SEO) meaning your videos can be discovered more easily online.

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