Transcreation is a service you’ll find among the suite of offerings available to ASAP Translation. It is essentially translation that focuses on maintaining the concept that influenced the original content rather than the equivalent words or phrases.

Because of inherent differences in languages and cultures, sometimes traditional translations even when meticulously done don’t quite capture the full essence of the message. Crucial aspects of a message such as tone and poetic language can sometimes fade or disappear altogether after a translation is done. Transcreation remedies this by restoring these elements in the final version.

Native-level competence

In order to optimize transcreation results, our professionals must have native-level competence in both the target and original language. They must be able to read beyond the words to pick up elements such as the tone, humour and poetic language in the original document. They must also be so fluent in the target language that they transfer these elements seamlessly into the final draft, without altering the core message. The team of experts at ASAP Transcreation are fully equipped to do this. Our team possesses native-level competence in their specialist languages and they are trained and experienced in the art of transcreation.

Of course, some kinds of content are more suitable for transcreation than others. But what kind of content is suitable for transcreation? Transcreation is the best solution for all kinds of text where it’s essential to preserve the “voice” or the “spirit” of the brand in the target text. These include:

    • taglines and brand names
    • content marketing
    • advertisements and marketing campaigns
    • sales letters and landing pages
    • videos and animations

Even though it is more prevalent in the niches explored above, all industries use transcreation to make their content appealing to foreign language speakers.  It should be noted too that when content has to be translated into multiple language transcreation often becomes necessary for each individual translation. This is because elements such as the tone or voice that are being converted are expressed in different ways based on language and culture norms.

Customer involvement is critical in ensuring that transcreation projects are completed successfully. This is why ASAP Translation prioritizes an introductory briefing for all transcreation projects. During this brief, the client shares details related to the creative concept and the goals that inspired the original work.

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