Voiceover translation is the use of actor voices to cover the original audio track of a video. Its is used to present video content to speakers of languages other than the one used in the original video. Of course, this means that the audio content must first be translated from the original language to the target language and then reproduced by voiceover actors equipped with the best possible resources.

If you have an explainer video, advertisement, or movie that you need to give international exposure, voiceover translation is an excellent solution. And of course, if you’re aiming to maximise your international exposure, you should opt to have this voiceover done in multiple languages.

Thanks to a team of highly trained voice actors with excellent skills and expertise, ASAP Translation is perfectly positioned to provide its clients in Hong Kong and the rest of the world with excellent services in hundreds of languages. And the voices are simply amazing!


Our professional team has the capacity to recreate the dialogues, monologues, and other audio content in any video to create a translated version that rivals the original one. They are able to recreate the tone of the original speakers and replicate emotions such as fear, anger, joy and frustration.  Whether the desired tone is formal, business-like or authoritarian, sarcastic or critical, light-hearted, or mournful, our voiceover experts can deliver beautifully.

In addition to being amazing at what they do, our team also offers a comprehensive range of voices. As a result, we have the capacity to offer clients male and female voices of all age ranges. The voiceover experts on our team create foreign language versions of videos that are so realistic and natural that native speakers of the target language get to enjoy the same level of entertainment and information value that viewers of the original version experience.

Of course, excellent voiceover services need more than just talented specialists. The technical resources that fuel the production are also important. And this is why ASAP Translation has invested in the most modern software and hardware to support audio recording and editing.

Technical expertise is also crucial to voiceover translation output. Our qualified audio technicians are able to edit the recordings and polish them so that the final version delivered to our clients is flawless.

Are you ready to tap into the infinite power of multilingual voiceover translation?

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