Localization is the process of making a software or website more suitable and appealing for a particular demography. This requires adjusting interfaces as well as written and audio-visual content. Effective website and software localization attract local audiences to the brand.

If global success if part of your strategic goals then a software product or website that has international appeal must also be high on your priority list. This international appeal is a very effective tool to broaden the scope of your brand.  The content, structure, and appearance of your website or software must be in sync with the culture of the people you are trying to attract. Essentially therefore, you want your brand to speak the language of the people.

But cultures and languages vary which means that content that works wonders with the market in one country may fail to get attention in another country, or in the worst-case scenario might even attract negative attention if the content is deemed culturally inappropriate. The best solution to this problem is to localize the content. And to get localization done effectively, you’ll need a team with expertise in multiple cultures and languages. In other words, you’ll need a team like ASAP Translation.

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At ASAP Translation, website and software localization is carried out through close collaborative efforts between professional digital experts and linguists who have in-depth knowledge and experiences not just in other languages but also in the cultures of different societies. Our professional teams are experts at what they do and they strive for perfection with each job. They are also equipped with the skills and resources necessary to ensure that your website and software appeal to the markets you wish to tap into.

Our language experts are professionals who never settle for less than excellence. We only recruit the most qualified and proficient translators; and this is why you’ll find that the work we produce are always native quality. They will convert the written and spoken content associated with your software product or website into any number of languages you need.

Our digital experts are highly trained and experienced and are masters of web and graphic design. They will help you to convert the visual elements of your software and website to suit the cultures and preferences of the markets you choose to target. Their intense eye for detail also allows them to identify elements that may be favourable in one culture but offensive in another and make adjustments where necessary.

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